1. mgftp's Avatar
    Wondering what weather widgets you would recommend?

    I've tried Beautiful Widgets and it is fine but wondering if there is anything else out there that someone prefers and why?

    I am looking for something that will show me current conditions as well as a forecast out a few days with some detail without taking up a ton of space and looking ugly.

    07-25-2012 08:17 PM
  2. DenverRalphy's Avatar
    WeatherBug has a couple of nice no-nonsense widgets. Palmary Weather does too, however it's only available via a paid app (some people are put off by that).

    IMHO, WeatherBug provides more info, but Palmary is prettier. I stick with function over form, so I prefer WeatherBug.

    The widget shows very basic information about few days out, and tapping the widget takes you immediately to the information you are looking for.

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    07-25-2012 10:43 PM
  3. zorak950's Avatar
    I like the WeatherBug ones, too, though last time I checked my favorite was only available in the paid version.
    07-25-2012 11:47 PM
  4. Gekko's Avatar
    Fancy Widgets
    07-26-2012 07:59 AM
  5. rcalderaro's Avatar
    I love BeWeather. I had it on my BB and was so happy when I found it in the GP Store. The weather is pretty accurate and you can customize the icons. There's a whole thread on them in the CB forums here: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...-icons-539999/
    07-27-2012 12:21 PM
  6. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Beautiful Weather has some good stuff.
    07-28-2012 01:29 AM