1. Balrogskin's Avatar
    I always had my notifications work with the facebook for android app. Apparently I was one of the lucky ones. After reading through the forums it seems a lot of people have trouble with getting their notifications to come TO their phone, WITH the facebook icon in the task bar, AND the SOUND they have set for their ringtone.

    I had trouble with the touch screen for my phone the other day and had to get a replacement. Well when I got home and set everything up the way I had it and got all my updates my facebook notifications wouldnt work. I figured id search for what I was doing wrong since i KNEW it would work. Well when I got to the forums it was thread after thread of peoples app not working correctly and people bashing the app.

    Just like any other software I finally assumed that POSSIBLY something went wrong while the software was downloading. So i went into MENU>SETTINGS.APPLICATIONS.MANAGE APPLICATIONS.FACEBOOK once there I selected the button for REMOVE UPDATES. I turned on my wifi when I got home and did this so the connection and signal would be at their best. I then went to the play store and got the updates AGAIN after uninstalling. WAH LAH!!! they worked immediately as they always had.

    What Im saying basically is just like with any other software if it doesnt work properly try reinstalling it. My wife has had problems with hers to for the longest time. when I told her how i fixed it she did the same and now hers works too.

    By the way, I am running on an HTC EVO shift. the app is of course the same FACEBOOK FOR ANDROID that everyone is having trouble with. Hopefully this doesnt get burried under all the other threads with no real fixes.

    and YES I really did create this account on the forums just to share this simple solution for what seems to be a common problem with the Android masses
    08-01-2012 06:16 PM
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    You got it working! Great!

    Unfortunately, for some reason, not every user's case is solved with uninstalling/clearing cache/re-installing. Some errors are account-related and one way to solve them is, simply, to log onto Facebook's mobile app for BlackBerry or iOS devices. Just like that; log in, log out, bam! Android gets notifications going.
    08-02-2012 02:56 PM