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    *Root Users only
    *Customary your responsible for anything you do to your device I'm posting a tip you either take actions or don't, your actions have nothing to do with me and by proceeding you agree to that
    *Knowledge of System Files, Permissions and other general hackabilty is a must
    *You have no business attempting this if you don't already completely understand every step.
    *Do a Nandroid Backup

    Alright Now, Google Now
    Follow these instructions and you'll have a working Google now. Once all done and rebooted after opening the app the first time force close it and then your all set.

    You don't have to use a computer to unzip the files listed below Root Explorer will suffice

    I broke the previous instructions down a little with the few added things I had to so to make it work..maybe a little less confusing for some..maybe not... Thanks goes to gachana for the original instructions and to all the others involved in this that are wayyy smarter than me!

    •Download LennoxPackage.zip from http://www.mediafire.com/?8lv1h2879q925x1 from post # 2370.
    • Extract all 3 folders from LennoxPackage.zip to a new folder on your computer
    •Then download and replace the Velvet file in the app folder of your new folder with Velvet.apk from post # 2425 link http://www.mediafire.com/?h6itqk1mrr1zjjy
    • Move the folder you've created (with 3 subfolders) to your SD Card
    • On your phone, in /system/app/, rename GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk to GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk.bak using Root Browser (or something similar)
    •In the folder you placed on your SD - you'll need to move everything from the /app/ folder to /system/app/, and set permissions to RW/R/R for each of the 3 .apks
    •copy the files from the lib folder on your SD, and paste to system/lib (note, a couple of these already exist. Before copying these files go through /system/lib/ and rename any existing files to include .bak, then copy/paste new files. If you don't do this it will paste them with '- copy' as part of the file name). Change permissions of these New files to rw/r/r
    • rename the existing "config" folder in /system/usr/srec/ on your phone to "config.bak", then just paste "config" and "en-US" from the srec folder on your SD to /system/usr/srec/. I also changed permissions on config and en-US to RWX/RX/RX
    •Reboot and enjoy.
    This was found here http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1747224
    All credit to Lenny and the others who've been working on this for awhile over at xda

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