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    Dolphin Browser Beta (with Dolphin Engine) [Updated v1.3.0]

    Dolphin Browser Beta (with Dolphin Engine) [Updated 12/25]-9d2714cfgw1dxwtclaocwj.jpg

    Dolphin Browser Beta is the highest performing HTML5 browser available today.
    Thanks to Dolphin Browser Beta's canvas rendering, its the most sophisticated HTML5 rendering browser available and its Flash compatible.

    Note: To try Dolphin Engine, you will need an OS of Android 2.3+ or 4.0+.


    Latest version on Google Play: v1.3.0

    Recent changes in v1.3.0:
    1. Super fast and more powerful with our latest engine technology
    * More stable HTML5 support
    * Even faster page loading speed
    * Much smoother experience when click, zoom and scroll on web pages
    2. Various stability and performance improvements

    Information on Google Play:

    Previous Releases:
    1. Android 4.2 support!
    2. Sidebar Precision: Improved left and right sidebar sliding so it will not interfere when scrolling on a webpage
    3. Even faster loading: Dolphin predicts what you want next and opens it so you can access it fast (available only on wifi)
    4. Improved compatibility for Add-ons
    5. Stability and performance improvements on private browsing and Hot Apps
    6. Improved Tab and Address Bar: Optimized for all Android tablets

    1. Faster loading: Pre-loads site info so it is ready when you need it (WiFi only)
    2. Magnifier: More accurate with links you're clicking with a magnifier
    3. Private Mode: Brand new features, surf the web without leaving a trace
    4. Autofit: Webpage text fit the screen automatically when zoom in/out
    5. Saving images: Save images on all devices
    6. Overview mode: Improved performance in overview with fitting screen to width and tap to zoom
    7. Various stability and performance improvements
     480 Highest score on html5.com
     1394 on Googles benchmark test Octane
     1413.2ms the fastest score on Javascript benchmark test, Sunspider
     First and only browser to make it to Ring 2 on Facebooks HTML5 benchmark test, Ringmark
     Improved HTML5 support
     Improved JavaScript performance
     Various stability and performance improvements
     Page loading: Improved page loading speed, especially when in poor network connection
     Various stability and performance improvements
     Improved HTML5 game support: Showcase Games
    Lunch Bug
     Nexus 7: now compatible with Google Nexus 7
     Page rendering: improved support for NVIDIA Tegra 2 GeForce and Adreno220
     Fixed screen display issue on Android 4.1 devices
     Fixed login issue on Android 2.3 devices
     Various stability and performance improvement


    If you have questions, you can contact them via:
    Or Blog: Dolphin Browser Beta | Dolphin Browser

    All Credit to Dolphin Browser Blog
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    I'm really liking it over the stock browser, Chrome, and Firefox.
    08-02-2012 12:16 PM