1. Hiphiphooray's Avatar
    I'm looking for a lockscreen app that allows access to specific apps on my phone without actually unlocking my phone. For example, i want friends to be able to pickup my phone and call someone, select a new song, use the internet browser, but not actually unlock my phone. I tried a few different lockscreen apps and they all allow for the lockscreen shortcuts to specific apps, but if your phone is locked, u must unlock it before using the shortcuts. Ideally, the app im looking for would still have the same shortcuts as in widgetlocker, but wouldnt require lock, provide limited access to only the shortcut app, and then have the standard unlock screen as well. anything like this already out there? or is it possible to create something like this? Thanks!

    I'm on droid bionic, gingerbread, rooted.
    08-03-2012 09:37 PM