1. slosh74's Avatar
    Hey all, from my point of view I think the android central forum app should be a two in one combination of bieng able to read the latest android news and also be able to write, read and comment on the latest forum post, the current app does one of the features mentioned above but doing both would make me love this app even more, and also the current one has alot of bugs :thumbdown: , thought I don't know much about writing apps but it would be good to see one like this developed by Android Central themselves.

    Let me know how you feel below

    08-05-2012 10:41 PM
  2. G3TCASHM0N3Y's Avatar
    I completely agree myself!

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    08-05-2012 10:47 PM
  3. jean15paul's Avatar
    well the forum app is just the tapatalk app locked into AC's forums. Tapatalk is a paid app for reading and posting to forums. A lot of forums use Tapatalk. I agree that it's not the nicest interface, but I don't see AC reinventing the wheel.

    They definitely need to get a new app to read the news on the site. The old one sucked; Phil has basically said so himself. I'm pretty sure they took the old one down and are working on something new. But honestly if you check out the Google Currents edition of AC you'll really have no need of a standalone app. The Currents edition is GREAT!
    08-06-2012 03:07 PM
  4. BlakeGates's Avatar
    I agree. Currents is the way to go.

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    08-06-2012 06:05 PM