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    Cloudfogger Cloud Storage encryption tool

    Cloudfogger is a free application currently available for Windows, Mac and Android to transparently and automatically encrypt files you upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and others on the client side.
    With Cloudfogger, the user can continue working normally with the files without changing his workflow as per the user still sees the original (decrypted) files but the files will be saved in encrypted mode on the harddisk and the cloud storage.

    Cloudfogger for Android enables users to decrypt and use encrypted files stored at cloud services on Android devices for example when on the go.
    It works with nearly all cloud storage clients and allows the user to directly open a Cloudfogger encrypted .cfog file from the cloud storage app, automatically decrypt it and view it with the correct application/viewer.

    * Automatically decrypt Cloudfogger encrypted files from cloud storage applications and open them with the correct application/viewer
    * Automatically delete decrypted files after Cloudfogger is closed (enables the user to have important data only in decrypted mode on his device if he loses his device)
    * Directly decrypt and open Cloudfogger .cfog encrypted files
    * Directly decrypt and open Cloudfogger encrypted email attachments
    * Works with nearly all cloud storage provider Android clients
    * Compatible with Smartphones and Tablets


    Play Store Link:

    We would be glad if you would try Cloudfogger.

    Please note that a full Cloudfogger account is necessary to use the Cloudfogger Android App (can be created for free within the Windows and Mac version).
    Encryption on Android devices is currently not possible.

    If you got any questions, issues or suggestions for us, we are looking forward to your message.


    08-08-2012 09:35 AM