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    Forget about the unconvincing finger print scanner pranks.

    Voice ID is the ultimate digital prank which will left your friends astonished and confused.
    Everybody knows about the song recognition applications like Shazam and SoundHound. Unarguably these applications looks like that were made from Alien technology.

    And that's were Voice ID sticks.

    Voice ID simulates the concept of Shazam and SoundHoud, but it recognizes the voice of your friend and displays his/her profile information and the profile photo of his/her Twitter account or a chosen image from your gallery. (At least that's what you gonna tell to your friends before you let them use it!!)

    In order the prank to become more convincing you can save 2 persons profile data. One of yours and one of your friends.

    So,before you fool your friends, add your profile data in the first profile tab.Then Press save.
    Add your friends profile data in the second profile slot and press save.
    Then press the go Button which is in the "Fool them" tab!

    Introduce the app to a friend of yours and say how awesome it is and blah blah, and try it with your voice.

    Voice id will show the results of the first profile after the first scan. Your friend will be amazed but will not fell from it so easily.He will definitely want to try it.
    So he scans his voice and Voice ID will display his personal details,were you have saved in the second profile tab. And Voila!!!

    The data from first profile tab corresponds to the result of the first scan.Respectively the data of the second profile tab corresponds to the result of the second scan.
    This is NOT a true voice recognition application.It is just a digital prank!

    -Fetch profile image from Twitter account
    -Set image from your gallery
    -Share application button in Facebook,Twitter,Gmail etc
    -Rate application button

    Free Download from Google Play
    08-09-2012 05:15 PM