1. Floridadomer's Avatar
    When I am using my EVO and its connected to my Bluetooth radio in my car and hit next, its I playing the current song and the next song at the same time.
    I looked into Double Twist but it didnt seem to have a shuffle option.
    I dont have any need to stream music; just want to be able to create playlist and shuffle. While having a desktop option is nice, its not necessary. I dont mind creating the playlist on the phone.
    I downloaded ISyncr but it would appear that it uses the phones default player so I am back at square one.
    Does anyone have any suggestions???
    06-29-2010 12:19 PM
  2. mr.saving's Avatar
    Mixzing maybe?
    06-29-2010 12:38 PM
  3. MowDownJoe's Avatar
    Cubed (AppBrain Link) is my personal favorite. Although it doesn't have its own way of making playlists, but Astro lets you create playlists. You... do use Astro, right?
    06-29-2010 01:46 PM
  4. PainKiller's Avatar
    I use Zimly. I have to admit I don't do anything other than choose a song and listen, and on and on but this app just feels very solid and professionally done. Worth a try.

    Plus, it does the same for video and has settings and a dedicated exit button to make sure it's off.

    Zimly Media Player for Android
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    06-29-2010 01:52 PM
  5. joek1971's Avatar
    doubleTwist has shuffle option

    two arrows intersect each other on the right side when you play song.
    06-29-2010 01:55 PM
  6. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    I use bTunes, but haven't really tried the others. Was going to try out Cubed because I've heard good things, but a previous poster in this thread says it doesn't do playlists? Fail if true.
    06-29-2010 03:14 PM
  7. melwan's Avatar
    I tried several but nothing appealed to me like Zimly. Free with a widget and beautifully functional UI.

    Also, the dev is very active and takes suggestions seriously.
    06-29-2010 03:46 PM
  8. eRod v1.0's Avatar
    I use DoubleTwist. It's great and syncs with all my itunes. They are coming out with a widget soon too, according to their twitter.
    06-29-2010 05:31 PM
  9. Floridadomer's Avatar
    Thanks to all that responded. Zimly is perfect for what I was looking for.
    07-01-2010 10:43 AM
  10. makya53's Avatar
    I use my music player everyday and have tried a ton of them. The best and cleanest for me by far is vanilla. It's fast and lets you close it when your done.
    07-01-2010 10:47 AM
  11. kd0axs's Avatar
    I just got done trying every music player I could find.

    I think my 2 favorites are Zimly and Meridian Media.

    Both are free, play both music and video, and have widgets. Zimly seems to be a very nice basic player, but Meridian Media has a few more advanced options like lyric search, ID tag editing, and album art downloading. I think I also like Meridian's interface better and it comes with 4 different widgets rather than just one.

    Meridian Media Player Pioneer - Android app on AppBrain
    07-01-2010 11:35 AM
  12. ikshaar's Avatar
    I use DoubleTwist on phone (it has shuffle) and MediaMonkey on the PC.I mention PC app because DoubleTwist desktop app is terrible.

    Only problem with DoubleTwist is that it does not have option to "add to playlist" on phone, so you cannot make a playlist on the spot.
    07-01-2010 12:07 PM
  13. kmaxima's Avatar
    Cubed (AppBrain Link) is my personal favorite. Although it doesn't have its own way of making playlists, but Astro lets you create playlists. You... do use Astro, right?
    Cubed is my personal favorite by far. Not sure why you say it doesn't allow you to create playlists though as the newest updates do now allow this. The ability to view the play queue that was added recently allows you to save the currently play queue to a playlist.
    07-01-2010 02:02 PM
  14. G-Money713's Avatar
    i use iSyncr for my itunes syncing. Do anyone know if there is a nice player with a widget that plays nice with it? I was using iSyncr ratings widget, but it doesn't work since i updated to froyo.
    07-01-2010 05:23 PM
  15. buya97's Avatar
    mixzing just updated and they now have a built in equalizer and fast forward button for each song
    07-13-2010 11:06 PM