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    We present a new camera app, which allows you to rewind the photo if in case you are not happy with the photo shot.
    Say for instance your friend is blinking in a shot, with the new app you would be able to "rewind" the image to the point where they weren't and save it.

    (More screenshot available on play store page)
    Free download Slider Cam on Google Play store page:

    PRO version:

    Website: Pixature

    It features a magical "Timeline Lens", designed to capture those magic moments that you miss by not hitting the camera shutter quick enough. It allows you to step back in time when you miss a shot, rewind the shots or the sections of photographs and take your pick from the previous seconds worth of frames.

    Any suggestions or feedbacks will be highly appreciated! Thanks!
    08-16-2012 01:17 PM
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    Check out the recently released video of Slider Cam:
    08-28-2012 03:22 PM