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    "Smart Speedometer" app is Free Now!
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    Market Page:

    Monitor your speed, braking/acceleration G-forces in real-time very easily. Control your driving style in fuel-efficient and braking-efficient manner with history graph of average daily acceleration/braking G-forces. Select weather conditions (summer, winter or wet) and watch your driving history for many days. App is 100% FREE and with NO ads!
    It's not necessary to place your device in the specific position and no additional calibration required.
    Constant accurate GPS signal is not required because the average value of many measurements is used.
    App usage:
    1) Measure speed, braking/acceleration G-forces in real-time.
    2) Watch the state (G-force) of your brakes relative to the last days. Average braking distance depends on average G-force. So, for example, if average G-force is halved then the average braking distance is doubled.
    3) Watch the usage dynamics of your engine (average G-force) for days
    4) Watch stats for daily brakings and accelerations.(Note, app stores accels when speed is changed by more than 6 mph (10 kmh))
    5) Compare average G-forces of your summer/winter tires.

    08-26-2012 02:16 PM