1. rayice's Avatar
    Hello Everyone,
    I have Star x18i Mobile with android installed on it, i did search alot of applications and used and really like most of them, now what is my issue i m not able to find any suitable auto call answer machine software,

    There are many software of auto answering machine which send message to unknown number calls as soon any call come,,,,

    What i want is i get alot of wrong calls each day, i dont know who is calling maybe friend or romour, and i not want to talk to them directly so i m looking for software to install into my mobile which do following main functions :

    1. When unknown number call comes, my phone auto pick the call and play an audio file which i will select or built-in in software to that person and record the phone call as well, Audio i will use will be something like that ( Person you are calling is busy please record your msg person will get back to you ) when ever an unknown number call come i want to play sound and record so later i can listen who that person was calling me, if any known person then i will contact them otherwise will block them number....

    That is the simple thing like software i want, Please tell me if anyone know any of that type software ? again please i not want sms reply software, i want to play sound to that person auto and record voice....

    Hope someone will guide be better.

    Thanks allot in Advance
    08-26-2012 04:34 PM
  2. Xopher's Avatar
    What I use is a combination of an app calles "Call Control" along with Google Voice. Call control won't play a messge, but it can reject calls automatically.

    These days, I only give out my Google Voice number. GV forwards calls to my cell phone, and I can set up groups and numbers that won't get forwarded. You can even set up different voicemail messages for different people/groups. That way, if a wrong number keeps calling, it can be set up to never ring throufh - just goes straight to voicemail.

    My cell phone is set to use GV for voicemail, so if I don't answer a call on my phone, it goes to GV. Call Control takes care of sending any calls that go directly to my cell number over to voicemail.
    08-26-2012 06:50 PM
  3. rayice's Avatar
    Hello, But Google Voice Required the Internet, i need solution without internet, i have prepaid sim on my mobile, and internet is costly each time to connect google voice, so is there else solution to record the receiving call and play the specific given sound i will select ?
    08-27-2012 10:03 AM