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    Looking for a good in case of emergency app? Got a flat tire and you want to show your loved ones your exact location? Going on a road trip? BeeSafe may be just what you need!

    BeeSafe is an ICE app that keeps track of your emergency information as well as your gps location. You can either record your gps locations to a file and/or use your gps location to tell others where you are via email and sms. They'll receive a link to Google maps where they can see exactly where you are! BeeSafe provides you with a widget that you can place on your home screen or your lock screen providing you have Widget Locker or similar. This widget allows emergency services to view your ICE information and even call,text,or email your emergency contacts directly!

    With BeeSafe you can:
    - Create an in case of emergency list which contains contacts, medical, and other information.
    - Send urgent alerts to all your emergency contacts or just send a general update to anyone.
    - Record your trips into kml files that you can view in app or in Google Earth.
    - And more!

    Please visit our website to learn more.
    Or download now from Google Play!
    08-26-2012 08:10 PM