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    08-27-2012 01:26 AM
  2. Rayz321's Avatar
    Dropbox just because of the automatic camera uploading.
    And it's just a lot easier for PC.
    08-27-2012 01:52 AM
  3. DEES_BANGER's Avatar
    Never used dropbox yet but drive is as simple as drag and drop to files on the pc.

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    08-27-2012 02:38 AM
  4. ilifecomputer's Avatar
    I find it weird that with drive I can't save things to the actual phones gallery. So if I upload a pic from my mac or pc I can view it on the app but not actually save it.
    I'm A big fan of skydrive and can't wait until an app is released.

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    08-27-2012 02:50 AM
  5. Gekko's Avatar
    Dropbox is better. cleaner, smoother, easier, more powerful, more intuitive UI.

    Drive is not there yet.
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    08-27-2012 06:00 AM
  6. moosc's Avatar
    Dropbox is simpler to use. But use them all sugarsync, box, sky drive, Google etc

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    08-27-2012 06:43 AM
  7. Cellmeister's Avatar
    08-27-2012 09:27 AM
  8. MojaveHigh's Avatar
    It doesn't have to be an OR decision. Just use them both AND all the others - Box (50G!), SkyDrive (25G!), etc. And Gladinet to tie them all together on my PC.
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    08-27-2012 01:40 PM
  9. DEES_BANGER's Avatar
    Thanks for your thoughts.. I gave dropbox a try and im loving it better than drive so far!

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    08-30-2012 02:26 AM
  10. walcolm's Avatar
    why do you want to choose one or the other?why dont you just use both?

    extra space never hurt nobody
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    08-30-2012 03:27 AM
  11. Cigar-Junkie's Avatar
    Drive, I never have to save or move anything. Its always there in one place. I just wish I found it prior to buying four copies of MS Office. Using the paid version of Google apps for business, couldn't be happier.

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    08-30-2012 04:54 AM
  12. abtxpress's Avatar
    I'm an owner operator truck driver. I use dropbox mainly because its ui is the best. I take pics of my bol, payment pdf's, fuel receipts, food receipts, repairs receipts, and any other expenses I have and sync to my accounting folder which is shared with my accountant. Its just way easier to use than drive. And I get the 100 gig package for $100 a year and write it off in taxes. Win win.

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    08-31-2012 07:23 PM
  13. Bren S.'s Avatar
    I actually use Box instead of dropbox because you get more storage space right away. No need to refer etc.

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    09-01-2012 02:07 AM