1. sasha's Avatar
    I have songs on my evo lte that I didn't purchase from google play, I was able to get them to sync with the google play app and also play them from the cloud. I downloaded a new song today and it shows up in the google play app, but not in my cloud. Can someone tell me how to get it to sync to both?
    08-28-2012 03:11 PM
  2. anon268366's Avatar
    You need to sync it from a computer...you currently cannot sync music from a phone.

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    08-28-2012 03:35 PM
  3. sasha's Avatar
    Any music added to your google play app is suppose to automatically sync to the cloud so I know that's not true, plus like I said all my other music from my phone is there, but thanks anyway.
    08-28-2012 04:09 PM