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    SafeCase - Protecting Your Privacy

    SafeCase manages in a secure way your sensitive personal data like credit card numbers, PINs, TANs, bank account access data, web site logins, passwords, transactions codes, and other sensitive information. The data managed by SafeCase is encrypted by advanced encryption algorithms, which makes cracking them extremely hard.

    SafeCase's security relies on many elements:
    - usage of an advanced highly secure encryption algorithm ( Blowfish 448 bits key, has never been cracked )
    - password mangling ( a technique of processing your password to a long and unpredictable form, which would make cracking them take years )
    - automatic lock after inactivity period
    - limited number of login tries - exceeding this limit causes automatic deletion of data

    SafeCase is a verified application, having been accepted to and distributed by app stores of companies such as Samsung, Nokia or RIM ( manufacturer of Blackberry mobile phones). SafeCase supports a lot of different languages, such as English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Italian and Portuguese.

    SafeCase also has a PC version, and a Plus version which lets you back up your sensitive data.

    SafeCase is digitally signed using a digital certificate of MP System LLC ( Sp. z o.o. ) to let the user and its mobile phone unambiguously identify the application's code.

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