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    Hey all,

    I'm new to android, and frustrated with the lack of audio/video decoders. After some tweaking My old palm could play almost anything, and I would like the same performance out of my EVO. I hate not being able to stream music from a site like thestreamcenter.com or shoutcast.com without buying a "app".

    What decoders are native to android?
    What playlist formats does android support?
    Is there someplace can I get other decoders and add playlist support?


    07-02-2010 10:35 AM
  2. Paladin's Avatar
    Unsure of being able to simply get codecs for Android.

    There is however a really awesome app called RockPlayerBase for play back of many video formats.

    RockPlayerBase player, AVI, MKV, DIVX and RMVB for Android | Android Community

    That is not for streaming audio however. For that just suck it up and buy RadioTime, it is one of th ebest ones for streaming radio.
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    07-03-2010 06:52 PM