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    We've released a marine navigation app with built in voice prompts for Android Tablets & Phones.

    The following video illustrates some of these features in action.

    Nautical Charts App - Demo Videos | Nautical Charts app

    The app supports chart folios covering the following regions. We are working on adding additional regions:

    Detailed feature list in this release

    * Voice Prompts for marine navigation (requires GPS )
    -prompts when approaching a boating route marker
    -Continous distance and ETA updates
    -Alerts when sailing/boating off route
    -Alerts when boating in wrong direction

    *Route Editing/Creation
    -Create routes from scratch
    -Edit existing GPX/KML routes.
    -Add custom description to any route point.
    -Drop markers along route.

    * Offline NOAA charts
    -Visually draw area to download
    -Textual search
    -Catalog (By state, region and coast guard district)
    -Charts reprojected for WGS84 datum

    * Tide & Currents
    - High / Low tides.
    - Tidal Currents.
    - Active currents stations.

    *Seamless chart quilting of marine charts

    *Distance Bearing tool

    *Create custom way points
    - Using GPS
    -Select point on map
    -Manually enter latitude & longitude coordinates

    *POI layer for marine charts
    - Overlay POIs
    - POI list derived from the equivalent ENC and contains all categories including Buoy, Light, Harbour facility, Obstr.

    *Search POIs/Way points

    *Pan/Zoom/My Location

    * Record Marine GPS tracks

    * View tracks overlay

    * Live track animation

    * Track analytics/stats

    * Export GPX trcks.
    -Export to SDCard
    -Share GPX trakcs with friends/View on Google earth.

    * Auto Follow Mode (Course up)
    -Continuously updates boat's location on chart
    - Adjustable update frequency

    Thanks a lot for reading this,

    --Gps Nautical Charts
    (Nautical Charts app)
    09-04-2012 03:51 PM