1. Lumify's Avatar
    I need a file manager that can open epubs in Aldiko, pdfs in RepliGo, and other files in Moon+ Reader. ES File Explorer (my favorite aesthetically) can open epubs in Aldiko but can't open PDFs in RepliGo. Rhythm File Manager, OI File Manager, File expert by Geek Software, X-plore, Ghost Commander, and SmartWho File Manager can open PDFs in RepliGo but can't open epubs in Aldiko. Astro File Manager can't even open epubs. When opening epubs with AndroZip in Aldiko, either Aldiko's menu cannot be accessed or it won't open and says "book already added to shelf". Linda Manager's text is unreadable on my Nook Simple Touch's e-ink screen.

    It seems like these file managers should be able to open any file type in any app, but they can't. Does anyone know of a file manager that could work for this?
    09-05-2012 04:34 PM