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    So I posted this in the Optimus V forums, but I figured it should get a little public exposure instead of just for the Optimus So, without further adieu, I present....

    The Recovery Flasher Utility

    This is for phones that use flash_image (it tries to detect if your phone has it)

    Spurred on by the discussion over Rom Manager soft-bricking phones and the fact that I had never flashed the Cannibal Recovery and was feeling like flashing it the easy complicated way, I decided to make an app that tries to make it painfully simple to flash a recovery.



    1. Download the App.

    2. Download a compatible recovery.

    3. Put the recovery on the root of your sdcard/external storage.

    4. Rename the recovery to "recovery.img" (IN ALL LOWERCASE).

    5. Fire up the app and install. (This app should work for pretty much every phone)

    6. Reboot to recovery and benefit.

    //I'm not responsible if you flash an incompatible recovery
    //or decide to use Rom Manager because you think this sucks
    //or jump off any bridges
    //Most of all, follow the rules
    //and be kind to noobs, remember that what you are not you once were
    using namespace std
    int main()
    {  ProceedWithoutFurtherDelay();  }

    NOTE TO ADMIN: I have open sourced this application, however, I know that by doing so I need to use a license in the code and I'm rather confused on the legal stuff and what I'm supposed to do exactly to protect my work from outright copying, help would be appreciated
    09-05-2012 09:28 PM
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    Update out.

    Details are on the Play Store.
    09-20-2012 10:30 PM