1. mmace's Avatar
    My wife has just got rid of her faulty X10 and moved to the X10 mini pro

    She's very frustrated as apps are just not showing up in the market. She used Bloo all the time along with AG Newspapers UK and Flood-it (game), these were 3 of the most used apps she had but when she searches the market for them it says they are not there!

    I have managed to get hold of the latest Bloo beta apk and installed that and it works fine.

    Any ideas why these apps do not show up?
    the mini pro is 320x240 so it's not a resolution problem (same res as my old G1), the apps show up on my Desire (same phone network etc)
    the phone was unbranded/unlocked from Expansys

    Any help appreciated!
    07-02-2010 02:11 PM
  2. Super Noob's Avatar
    Using your browser, go to All Android apps and games in the Android market - AppBrain and download them from there (found all 3 on there).

    Download and install from there.
    07-02-2010 03:08 PM