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    3 years ago I found the App "Remote" from Apple...
    I build up a stationary media PC and connected it via SPDIF with my AV-Receiver...
    As long as I use "Remote" I'm annoyed about it, here some small details:
    - Not possible to sort the Album list
    (I don't like sorted albums according album names, I prefer sorted by artist)
    - In Compilations the names of the different artist are not visible...
    (Meanwhile the current version is so slow (Sometimes need 3s for Pause/Play)

    Last year I looked for an Android App and doesnt found a comparable App (The original from Apple was better)
    On February of this year I start to develop my own app.
    Here is the result.


    - Erni
    09-07-2012 02:40 AM
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    Another important note:

    The DJ feature is primarily intended not only for parties!
    It can be used as a "dynamic playlist" ... (Mainly I use)

    An example:
    The DJ List is automatically filled out with random tracks from iTunes.
    As a tip I put in the user manual => Set list to 100 tracks.
    Another tip:
    Create a smart playlist (favorite songs) with the attribute, "more than 0 stars"
    and restrict the "random filler" to this playlist, with this not any "garbage" coming in the DJ List!

    So now my usual approach:
    DJ Run and browse through the list....
    If I like a song I touch the heart (vote)....
    Now all the voted songs are played...

    Now my special function:
    In the original app from Apple you have to delete one by one the songs you do not want to listen,
    so that new songs are randomly added to the list. (It’s desolate!)
    (Of course you can add requested songs to the list...)
    => In my app you can select in the menu "Remove unvoted Songs"
    And all unwanted songs (no vote) are gone and replaced with new!
    Now, I go through the list again.... and so on
    09-25-2012 03:55 AM
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    Ich made a small video to show you how to use my app as variable playlist:
    (Please activate the english subtitle)
    10-18-2012 04:16 AM