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    You're looking for a new, free and effective application to learn Mandarin Chinese on your Android device? Let's try Chinese Easylearn. Again, its free:


    This app has some interesting features such as:
    * Interactive learning interface. You can read mandarin, pinyin in the lesson. Want to know what a mandarin character means or want to know how its written or pronounced ? Touch on it. You can also copy the character by clicking on its animation.
    * Automated Speaking & Translating (quick access by toch and hold mandarin or pinyin - the blue one). You're reading a mandarin paragraph and get stuck somewhere ? Copy that text, one by one, then paste in to Automated ST. Wanna know how Cambodia or General Motor is written or pronouncing in Mandarin ? Type it in Automated ST box.
    * At the end of a lesson, you will have to take a Test in order to advance your progress at Homescreen. Finish all of these tests to unlock Advance Lessons. Its mainly concentrated at checking you vocabulary and listening skill. Rather long and boring, but also pretty effective.
    * About dictionary... well, this may be the worst part of this app. You can only make a single Mandarin word lookup (by pinyin) only. This seem somewhat redundant because I rarely use it (at least until now). Hope that it will be more usable in the next release of this app... (No picture for this "amazing" feature...)
    * Advanced Lesson: still in development phase. As far as I know, even when its introduced in the next release, you still have to complete all the (basic) Lessons to access this section.
    * Community: this is a in-app community for users - learners to chat to each other. What topic is up to you to talk. May be it would be a useful place for new user.
    One thing to note: after sometimes using it, a Donate dialog will appear. To donate or not to donate, its up to you. If you want to donate, click Donate button. If not, just click on No button, and then use it freely. In my experience, this dialog reapprear every time I close the app and run it again. It disappeared after I made a donation. The developer staff still need to make a living, and several bucks is not a problem anyway.
    Well, thats almost everything I know about this app. In my opinion, its pretty effective at teaching basic Mandarin Chinese. Waiting for Advanced Lessons to be introduced. Try it, you wont waste your time.
    09-07-2012 04:12 AM