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    I do property management on homes and use a third party website "property prez wizard" to keep track of all of the houses. For every house i go to i have to take anywhere from 30 to 300 pictures of everything you can imagine so instead of bringing a camera with a sd card a laptop and a wifi hot spot so i can upload images and look up my work orders i bought a xy board to do it all on that. I have everything working great but the porblem is i can only figure out how to move one picture at a time to the upload box and if theres 300 pictures you can only imagin how long that takes. Originaly on a pc it would bring up a browse box and you could use shift or control to select multiple images and get them all in the upload box at once, On the android it lets you select if you want to grab them out of your gallery and a small list of programs. I've tryed multiple file explorers and file management programs where i can check mark all of the boxes but after you check them all theres no way to say ok now move them all to the uploader or done and still i can only click on a image and move them once at a time. I was just hoping some one else ran into somthing like this or may have a solution to the problem.
    09-11-2012 09:56 AM

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