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    When I go to bed, which is on no set schedule, and want to activate a phone silencer with NFC Task Launcher. NFCTL can only start and app or close an app, but NOT do anything within an app. Upon awakening I want NFCTL to turn off the phone silencer app, thereby returning the phone to its normal levels for alarm/notification/phone. Additionally I need the silencer app to let calls from two specific contacts to ring through, but only when the app is on.

    For instance, if my teen son is out late at night and needs to contact me, I want his call to ring through. However, in the middle of the day if my phone is silenced (by other means) during a meeting at work and he is calling/texting to say "we need more Mountain Dew", I don't want that call to interrupt.

    All the silencers I have looked at that allow particular contacts to break through, allow that access all the time, not just when the app is on or off. Anyone know of one that works the way that I would like? BTW, yes, I know there is some codes you could write to get Tasker to do this, but I would prefer a simple app. Also, rooting my phone is not an option.

    Thanks for your consideration.
    09-13-2012 08:31 AM

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