1. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    I've got an EVO, and it seems to me the calendar app on this phone is missing a key capability, one the EVERY other calendar program I've ever seen offers.

    If you create an appointment and select a repetition interval (e.g., weekly), is there any way to limit the repetition to a specific number of times, or end at a specific date? I sure don't see it.

    I rarely want something to repeat forever. I might want to repeat it every day for a week, or every Sunday until Labor Day, but not forever.

    Can anyone recommend a calendar that offers this? None of the various calendar widgets do, because they all default to the underlying calendar app to actually do any work.
    07-04-2010 10:25 AM
  2. z0phi3l's Avatar
    See if Jorte can do what you need, I looked at the extended settings for setting the repetition and it has quite a few options

    Jorte - Android app on AppBrain
    07-04-2010 06:04 PM
  3. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Jorte is just a widget. For creating an event, it uses the built-in calendar app. (I use Jorte already).

    I can't believe Google and/or HTC missed this. It's such a basic feature I don't think I've ever used a calendar app that didn't provide it.
    07-04-2010 09:46 PM
  4. Incrediboy's Avatar
    For highly specific events.I use actual google calendar instead of from the phone.
    The web version is much more capable.
    07-04-2010 10:00 PM
  5. goin_nil's Avatar
    calengoo will do this. It's not out for android yet (hopefully this year). I started a thread about a calendar question and someone replied that calengoo for Android is in the works (they emailed the developer and he said once his iPad version is done he is starting the Android version, this summer). This is a very good calendar app that syncs with google calendar.

    My wife uses it on hear iPod Touch. I just verified that it can setup repeating events with any frequency and also an end date, but not to a specific # of times. But like you suggested, if you can set an end date, that should be sufficient. It was this app (calengoo) that almost kept my wife from getting a HTC Droid Incredible until she learned that calengoo was in the works for android. We just ordered her Incredible today.

    Maybe the developer of calengoo can give some time frame of when this will be ready. It is not free for iPod/iPhone so I suspect it will not be free on android too (hey, a guy's got to make a living). But, it was very reasonably priced ($5.99 I think) and my wife is EXTREMELY picky about her calendar apps. She does not settle for anything but the best and she looked at a lot of them (on the iPod side, not android).

    That's not to say that there are not other calendar apps out there that might do this or more but once she found calengoo, she had all she needs. It's a really slick interface. She likes how it shows details of the event in time blocks for weekly and monthly views (like MS Outlook does). Hopefully the android looks just as sharp (or better :-).

    Good luck! Post back if you find another calendar app that does what you want.
    07-04-2010 11:34 PM
  6. goin_nil's Avatar
    For some reason the link to the thread won't work when I post it. The link is http://forum.androidcentral.com/andr...tml#post201327

    You can also search this forum for 'calengoo' to find it.
    07-04-2010 11:40 PM
  7. SuzyP's Avatar
    I was the one that email the developer in early April.

    Here's a copy of the email. Maybe some of you would want to email him as well?? He's really nice and has always answered my emails.

    - Show quoted text -

    > Dominique.....I have had a CalenGoo on my ITouch for quite a while and I
    > LOVE it. Are you planning on making an app for the Droid?? I love my Droid
    > but miss my Calengoo. There is nothing on the Droid that can match what
    > your CalenGoo can do!!!!

    Thank you very much!! :-) I am glad that you like CalenGoo so much! I
    plan to release a version for Android this summer. First I will now
    work on an iPad version and afterward I will start with the Android
    version. Perhaps it will not have all the functions of the
    iPhone/iTouch version in the beginning, but I will add more features
    with every update, as I did in the iPhone/iTouch version.

    If you would like to be informed when an Android version becomes
    available you can join CalenGoo's mailing list (Google Groups) here:


    Kind regards

    Dominique Gunia
    07-05-2010 05:52 PM
  8. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Thanks for the info on Calengoo. I guess waiting is the order of the day. Calengoo, or Pimlical, whichever gets to Android first is likely to get my money.
    07-05-2010 09:09 PM