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    Easy Android Shopping Lite is a fresh & new easy-to-use shopping list application.

    * Reusable, multiple Shopping lists & Stores
    * Last known CHEAPEST PRICE and STORE suggestion from previous shopping lists (cheapest store name available only in the full version)
    * Pre loaded products more then 110 products, modifiable
    * Multilanguage interface(English & Hungary)
    * Pre loaded Stores, Categories, Units (modifiable)
    * Quick add product to list function
    * Search filters and order functions
    * Shopping list sending by e-mail
    * Export / Import function

    Easy Android Shopping program detailed function informations:
    - Create, modify, delete shopping list
    - Multiple shopping list & Categories
    - Maintain shopping list items (product, amount, unit, last price, buyed status)
    - Add Products, add notes to product
    - Maintain products (add, modify, delete), modify available only in the Full version (in the Lite version use instead the delete product and then the add product function)
    - Cheapest shop and price information from older shopping lists (if last price data exists in previous shopping list)
    - Maintain Master Data (stores, products, categories and units)
    - With export/import function you could transfer your existing database with your all data from Light verson to the Full version if you buy.

    With this program you can reuse your shopping lists like a checklist, but it's worth to create new list for every store because the program compare the prizes and helps you to find the cheapest store.

    Detailed information inside the program in the About menu.

    Ad-Free version.

    Needed for the Export/Import function.

    "What an awesome app - Editor's Pick from AppEggs.com"

    Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...5nLmxpdGUyIl0.

    [APP][FREE&PAID][SHOPPING] Easy Android Shopping Lite-1lite.jpg[APP][FREE&PAID][SHOPPING] Easy Android Shopping Lite-3.jpg
    09-16-2012 06:48 AM

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