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    Hey everybody, what's going on. You may know me from my work on a few other applications, especially if you've played Minecraft, but I've recently started a new company (Exano's Software) and we're launching a new Live Wallpaper this week as our first app! It's been a blast to work on, and seeing the results of people starting to use it has been really humbling. I can't wait to expand into more LWP's as well as mobile games as we move towards the future!

    Get it on Google Play here !

    Introducing Four Corners Infinity Livewallpaper!


    Almost endless customization options such as:

    Customizable touch events, pathing, speeds, shapes, colors, size, amounts, etc.
    Choose from preset wallpaper combinations, or create your own and save a profile!
    Instant-Feedback button! One-click to send a suggestion or bug report directly to all of us, with assurance it will be read within 24 hours!

    I've got a couple of Screenshots here, and a video at the end also. I recommend checking out the video, as its a livewallpaper and screenies can't do her justice:

    [Live Wallpaper - Paid] Four Corners Infinity [First Launch]-va1oa.png
    [Live Wallpaper - Paid] Four Corners Infinity [First Launch]-bqbik.png
    [Live Wallpaper - Paid] Four Corners Infinity [First Launch]-pujio.png

    We wanted to launch her at $0.50 USD, but unfortunately Google's minimum is $1, so there we are. We'd love to hear feedback from you guys!

    Get Four Corners Infinity on Google Play here !
    09-16-2012 05:11 PM

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