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    I used to have an app a couple years ago on my LG Optimus V that I got from this forum and what it did was restart and reset the 3G connection if it was running slow or failed to connect to 3G and was only on 1X. I believe a user uploaded it here but I can't find it, and I don't believe it was in the market (or Play Store)...anyone know what I'm talking about or know where to get it?

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    09-24-2012 01:07 PM
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    I Dont know of that app but you can hold down the power button and put your phone in and out of airplane mode. That's usually what I do if my data isn't working properly

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    09-24-2012 10:15 PM
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    There are a number of network switches in the app store; try searching for 3G (or 4G or LTE or data) toggle and look for one compatible with your phone/OS. What version of Android are you using? I have a Moto Razr Maxx running ICS and I wanted to be able to turn off 4G when not needed because it's a battery hog. I used to be able to turn the network on and off with a system setting but that's gone with the Motorola/Verizon ICS upgrade. Now I switch the network using the dialer to access the programming menu (which is, I think, what the toggles are doing). And if nothing else works, you could try a soft reset.
    09-26-2012 10:12 PM

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