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    How many times have you accidentally dialed the wrong number? Call Confirm can save you from accidental calls, plus, thanks to the user-friendly interface, you will not need to spend time looking for the call button.Flexible settings allow you to set call confirmation for the necessary numbers.

    One of the most useful features of this application is password protection (available only in PRO version). By setting a password, you can prevent your phone from making outgoing calls to foreign countries or paid services. Your child will not be able to make an expensive call by accident.

    - Option to disable when Bluetooth is enabled
    - List of numbers needing confirmation
    - List of exceptions
    - Option to exclude USSD confirmation
    - Option to exclude contacts confirmation
    - Prompt password when calling (only in PRO version)
    - Prompt password on application start (only in PRO version)

    - User-friendly interface with large call button
    - Add exceptions while confirming a call
    - Small application size

    Website: http://vlmob.com/applications/call-confirm

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...llconfirm.free

    [App][FREE] Call Confirm-shot_01_8.png [App][FREE] Call Confirm-shot_02_8.png [App][FREE] Call Confirm-shot_03_8.png [App][FREE] Call Confirm-shot_04_7.png [App][FREE] Call Confirm-shot_05_8.png

    QR code:
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    09-24-2012 07:58 PM

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