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    YO DAWG,
    You stand up for the school, to university, to work, and the mood is about zero?! Jay and Silent Bob will change the situation, burst into the land of nod with their famous catch phrases! Incredible jokes give you a lot of positive and good mood!

    * Laught all day long
    * Without censore
    * Cool alarm with AMAZING DESIGN
    * Jay & Bob cautch phrases
    * ... IT'S JAY AND BOB, DUDE

    This awesome alarm clock assembled the whole style of the film Jay and silent Bob, nothing more, carry with them an atmosphere of childhood and brick walls. Nostalgic waves call, will be his in any company and have a good time.

    And if you're just mad or Rockefeller and new new Vertu already causing nothing but boredom, then you can buy the P-A-I-D version,
    clear like crystal, commercial-free to install on your old android, which you use as a stand under Grandfather Clock!

    Download Real Clock:https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...idgs.jaybobeng

    09-29-2012 07:36 PM

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