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    I have read all about the issue that people have been having with the HTC Weather app not updating automatically. I experienced this issue on 2 different phones and have fixed it. About 2 months ago I bought a HTC Hero from Best buy, I loved it but the weather app never updated automatically, I had all the setting set to auto sync, back ground data was turned on, always on mobile data, and location setting were turn on but to no avail could I get the weather app to update. So I took the phone back to get another Hero. Long story short it had the same issue so I returned that phone and got a crackberry. Fast forward to last week I bought the last Evo 4G in AZ from Best buy. So I get it and everything is working the weather was updating every hour. I started to tweak things to get the most out of the battery like turning off always on mobile data, and the weather was still updating every hour, turned off GPS and the locations were still updating. I left the settings alone as I was satisfied with battery performance now and started to add apps. after adding quite a few apps everything was still working properly, then on Tuesday night I decide that I want a new wallpaper so I download Mabilo Wallpapers, select my wallpaper I want and set it as my new wallpaper. The next morning my weather and location are not auto updating, and I can't figure it out. Why on 2 different android phone am I having the same exact issue, but one just recently started to act up. then it hit me I had the same wallpaper app on all of the phones and they all stopped updating the weather app after they were installed. So I uninstalled the wallpaper app and sure enough today the weather app is updating flawlessly. So if you are having HTC Weather app issues like mine check to see if you have Mablio Wallpapers installed, if you do uninstall it and I bet you weather works again. It worked for me.

    p.s sorry for the long length but I felt that this issue deserved a little back story
    07-09-2010 11:57 AM