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    So i been searching for an SMS app for a long time now that can perform true group sms like the iPhone and Windows Phone 7.

    For example if i txt a group of people it will create one thread only instead of individual threads. Sending is not the problem its usually when receiving that it will create the separate threads. For example say i txt John and Jane as a group txt, when John replies it creates a new thread for him and when Jane replies it creates a new separate thread for her instead of keeping incoming messages on the original thread that my phone created to send out the original message.

    I was able to accomplish this using the FB messenger app as it allows my HTC One X so send and receive txt messages. It automatically has conversation mode just like the iPhone and wp7. However this app is too plane no features at all and its slow.

    Another app I was able to accomplish this with was GO Sms pro. It had an option under send settings that it allows you to enable iPhone like groups sms conversation mode. However the problem I'm having with this app is using it to send out picture messages. Most of the times it won't send just keeps trying to send as i see the progress bar looping over and over and sometimes it works, but takes a really long time to send weather I'm on wifi or LTE.

    I have already increases the file size limits in options to 5mb, which that should not even matter as the pics I been testing with file size is very small,, 6kbs only.

    Can someone provide me with some input and work around if any? Perhaps a new app I can try or maybe a setting I'm missing?

    Fyibi have tried go sms, chop sms, handcent sms, fb messenger, and other random non popular sms/mms apps.

    Thanks in advance

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    10-14-2012 07:25 AM
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    No one has input on this? There has to be more people going through this same issue?
    10-14-2012 08:48 PM

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