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    Russian based mobile application developer STOIK has announced the release of Lectures Scanner for the Android devices running on 2.2 and up. Lectures Scanner is a wildly practical scanner and note taking solution for modern high school and college students, this application offers users a centralized academic hub where they can scan, upload or send any lecture notes quickly,manage multi page documents and share important classroom info with others on demand and on the go!
    A well rounded mobile experience, Lectures Scanner features 3 processing profiles (black board, white board & no enhancement), as well as full iCloud backup support to ensure that your scanned files and other data will never be lost.
    Lectures Scanner is currently available on the Google Play market for free in the Education category.

    ✔ Advanced image processing transform any note into PDF format
    ✔ 3 processing profiles (black board, white board & no enhancement)
    ✔ Automatic, high quality document edge detection and perspective correction
    ✔ Modify and enhance poor quality images and documents
    ✔ Scan, upload or send any lecture notes quickly, including magazine articles, coupons, posters, news, receipts, invoices, and much more
    ✔ Quickly scan and manage multipage documents on the go
    ✔ Save documents to USB Flash Drives
    ✔ Cloud storage and social network integration for accessibility and sharing of images
    ✔ Add signatures and handwritten notes to the document (on S Pen equipped devices)

    Free download from Google Play:

    10-15-2012 04:02 PM

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