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    Hello everyone:
    How are you been?
    I am pleased to announce that the best clock application: World Travel's Clock app for Android has been released on google play.
    World Traveler Clock means travel and business! It allows you to observe global time zone with ease. When you use the World Traveler Clock at the first time, you should choose the city and add it. Then every city you choose will display on your phone as a widget. However, you can change different cities by clicking the widget.
    Essential, easy to use, and fully functional.
    Application Feature:
    -- One widget for everything
    -- Contracted and elegant
    -- precisely accurate
    -- exactly convenient
    if you have any comments of my app, please e-mail me :tuxiaochu@me-game.com
    I am looking forward to your kind supports. Sincerely.
    [Free][App]World Travel's Clock-sc20120918-113921.png
    10-16-2012 05:05 AM

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