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    I am after some suggestions for a complete integrated ereader solution (*2) for a Nexus 7 covering (summary) :
    1. Search and display on the Nexus
    2. Transfer from a Windows 7 Machine to the Nexus
    3. Capture and storage on a Windows PC.

    In Detail
    1) Nexus ereader
    I want an ereader application on a Nexus 7. I am waiting for the 32GB due in the next week or two. Most (probably ALL) of all my books will be from my Windows 7 PC (maybe will access / purchase directly from internet based libraries). I currently have several thousand books (approx. 25GB) in epub (about 99.9%) and pdf (*1) format. It would seem that Aldiko and Mantano seem to be the top two candidates.
    2) Transfer
    Should be capable of transferring both the data (the book !) and the meta data (details about the book including title and author, and hopefully publisher, classification and user defined tags). I can provide both USB and WLAN connectivity. Products such as Calibre Companion and Dropbox, seem to be useful options.
    3) Source Management
    As above I am currently using Calibre. I am happy with it, but also happy to change if a better complete combination exists.

    ANY Thoughts ?

    (*1) About 0.1% of my pdfs give epub Calibre conversion errors
    (*2) I dont mind paying up to $50 for a complete solution
    10-27-2012 03:04 AM

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