1. Nebilim's Avatar
    hi guys, there are alot of controversial issues regarding battery life. so i did some experiments.

    Last night i did a hard reset on my evo because i wanted to compare the performance of Sense vs Launcher Pro. I also wanted to see how much battery is actually being used. So the first thing i did was reinstall my basic applications that i had before Appbrain, K-9 mail etc...then i proceeded on changing my settings: turning off Bluetooth, GPS, 4G, and Wifi. I also turned off always on data but left mobile network and background data ON.

    some apps that i had running were appbrain, HTC sense, Handcent SMS, k9 and ATK, Lookout, settings and spare parts.

    I started the test on 12:34 pm.

    after an hour, my battery was still at 100%

    after 3 hours, 97%

    and now after 6.5 hours i still have 88%. of course i had a few emails got some text messages and got a phone call.

    so yea pretty good. and probably could save more if i used wifi instead of 3g and even more if background data was off
    07-12-2010 05:59 PM
  2. tracerit's Avatar
    "of course i had a few emails got some text messages and got a phone call."

    without knowing the specifics of these events, we can't really compare.

    but i also did a hard reset 2 nights ago, first night i didn't install any apps and the battery was 80% when i slept and still 80% when i woke up 10 hours later. i installed a few apps (too long a list) last night and it went from 80% to 60% this morning (10 hours later). there was a steady drop from 80-75, then it went from 75-65 in 30 minutes. still trying to find out what happpened there, SystemPanel doens't seem to show anything taking up a significant amount of space.
    07-12-2010 06:09 PM