1. rfmike's Avatar
    So with More company's going to On board storage with No SD card slot, that leaves US looking to the Clouds....
    My DD(Daily driver) is a HTC Rezound with a 32GB SDcard, i don't like having to download all my music anymore.....why do so when everything can sit in the cloud. My work cell is a HTC Evo, Between those two devises i use Google Music, Drop Box and Google+ to keep everything in Sync.....
    I use my Internal storage for pics and Videos i take.

    SO My question to you........Where do you see Memory space on our Smart Phones going????

    Will we all be streaming from the clouds with our Data CAPPED PLANS and using wifi when/where ever we can or will we still need SD Card slots with nothing less the 16GB of internal Storage????

    11-02-2012 11:02 AM
  2. leyonchung's Avatar
    Hello RFMike,
    I am quite surprised that no one has replied you & the thread has gone too old now. Well let me answer this question with what I have in my box. No, you do not need to keep your data on SD Card since you are on the cloud. All your data including pictures, music, data files and video will be moved to the cloud and you can access it anytime and anywhere. It's very simple, isnt it? I have been using an android cloud storage service for months and right after I moved it into the cloud from my SD card, I do not need to worry about it whether what is going to happen if my SD gets crashed. Regarding apps, well I do not think that It can be shifted to the cloud, but once you purchase it, they will be appended with your id from which you have purchased it and then you can sync / installed it anytime, I believe.
    Source: Cloud Storage - Best Cloud Storage Services | 2012
    11-05-2012 06:35 AM

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