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    hello friends we would like to introduce our application

    World Skylines: TokyoHD, a new way of enjoying the Tokyo scenery directly on your phone and in HD.

    In this full version you can enjoy the Tokyo skyline and add different features such as weather conditions, enable flock of birds, display pointer and select different times of the day.
    This wallpaper can be used in any android device with support for Live Wallpapers. Once downloaded touch the icon which will guide you to the wallpaper selection screen.

    Stay tuned for the rest of the wallpapers from the collection World Skyline that you can find for your phone or tablet.

    For any suggestion or complain you can reach us via the email address on our website or through social networking sites, we will reply to your demand immediately.

    Find us on google play!

    Hope you enjoy it!
    11-09-2012 02:05 AM

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