1. ekeup's Avatar
    Take a picture, get the last picture uploaded.

    Works on most phones.

    Very addicting!
    07-13-2010 11:04 PM
  2. ekeup's Avatar
    There's not a lot of people using it now, so if you get your own pictures back, it means nobody else is using the service at the same time.
    07-15-2010 12:07 PM
  3. ekeup's Avatar
    FYI, the next release will be out tomorrow night (Sunday 7/24).

    This update will be adding:
    - Geolocation (See where a picture was taken)
    - Fix for phones not working
    07-24-2010 06:04 PM
  4. ihbsbA's Avatar
    I expect to be getting a lot of pictures of men's private parts just like I've heard about ChatRoulette. It'll be fun until THAT starts happening. Why do you guys like taking pictures of your junk so much? :-/
    07-24-2010 06:14 PM
  5. mr.saving's Avatar
    Sounds interesting,but I don't know how well it's gonna take off....

    And,yea...it will be flooded with *****.
    07-24-2010 06:25 PM
  6. einstoid's Avatar
    Very very fun. some ****, but mostly fine.
    Seen pictures from all over the world.
    07-30-2010 05:03 PM
  7. Jerzyiroc's Avatar
    Is this like "A World Of Photo"?
    07-30-2010 06:00 PM
  8. largeselection's Avatar
    Yea hope it doesn't become like chat roulette as made fun of in south park
    07-30-2010 07:43 PM
  9. flyingman's Avatar
    Awesome, love seeing the different locations people are from!
    08-10-2010 05:58 PM
  10. Viacom's Avatar
    Fun stuff!
    Keep it up!
    12-17-2010 05:47 PM
  11. thenadlad's Avatar
    works great, some nasty pics tho!
    01-07-2011 08:02 PM
  12. ekeup's Avatar
    Just updated the app... you won't get your own pictures back now... let me know any suggestions!
    11-20-2011 03:51 PM