01-19-2011 05:06 PM
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    We did what we could to ensure that user data was secure. However, we could not encrypt the torrent itself or the protocol because of the nature of the network. As a result, some carriers (i.e. Sprint!), like to Block the torrent protocol in certain areas, and only in very specific locations. We are seeing this on some other carriers but very very limited.
    07-15-2010 07:04 AM
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    Ok Everyone,

    As I noted on the main post, we are addressing all the issues in dTor today, the EVO insanity and the few Incredible issues, as well as the various other bugs and will be releasing a major update later today. I will probably release this as RC2, just to be safe and if all goes well, we will call it V1.0. I am confident that all will be addressed.

    One other thing, carriers, especially Sprint, like to block Torrent on certain locations in their network. It is not on the entire network. If you download and use a program called 3GTEST, it can tell you if Torrent is blocked or not. If it is, you can go into settings, and try to change the port that the application is downloading on. Also you can try to use the program in a different physical location, sometimes it is only a certain cell area that is blocked.


    Blue Planet Apps
    07-15-2010 08:35 AM
  3. Cory Streater's Avatar
    For the record, and to whomever might read this. I have a team of programmers working on this app and a few others. We will address the issues that the Evo people are having and even the few other bugs that are out there and you can all be assured an update will be available soon, real soon.... and they will keep coming until... well until I get bored of making updates

    Happy Androiding Days

    Awesome work, Jason.
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    07-15-2010 08:43 AM
  4. chopper#AC's Avatar
    I downloaded the app from this topics link, but it force closes everytime I launch and select Unlock.

    Using a Moto Droid.
    07-15-2010 09:48 AM
  5. mr coolguy face's Avatar
    I wanted this app to take off but you guys do not support your product.

    I have tried HUNDREDS of times to get it to work, installed and uninstalled and reinstalled NUMEROUS times as well as doing soft resets NUMEROUS times.

    The app has never, ever, ever opened and you stopped responding to my emails. Thats terrible support for someone who beta tested for you.
    speaking from personal experience. . . I forwarded any issues I had to the developers. I was extremely surprised and impressed at how quick I received a response, (within minutes of sending original e-mail) and at the support and willingness to help that the developers displayed while collecting info, and giving assistance. Some people just aren't happy unless they are complaining. . . LOL slthree has more issues than the developers of this app can assist with lol. . .
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    07-15-2010 09:55 AM
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    We try. I know what its like to have issues with apps. We'll fix it and make it the best torrent app out there. Lots of future options coming too, like being able to send a large torrent to your uTorrent running elsewhere instead of your phone, so it will eventually be a complete package.
    07-15-2010 10:53 AM
  7. theoverdrive's Avatar
    I am also experiencing the problem where the app kicks me back to the homescreen after 2-3 minutes of activity. I have to restart the app to resume a torrent.

    Droid Incredible.
    07-15-2010 12:09 PM
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    New dTor v1.0RC2 Available from this link... http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8467940/dTor_v1.0_rc2.apk

    Or you can read this forum post...

    Hope this addresses all the outstanding issues.
    07-15-2010 01:33 PM
  9. crhoneh's Avatar
    Ok i have an Evo I saw the update that it was fixed tried to download a torrent and the same thing still happened. Half way through it just exits and goes back to the home screen on anything i try to download. Was there suppose to be an update from the market or was it just fixed internally bc i have not seen an a new version to install. Thank You
    07-15-2010 02:03 PM
  10. crhoneh's Avatar
    SORRY didnt the last post!!!!
    07-15-2010 02:04 PM
  11. trell123's Avatar
    I download the new version rc2 and it does the same thing foreclose.
    07-15-2010 06:37 PM
  12. 3pod's Avatar
    Same here. FC on the EVO.
    07-15-2010 09:27 PM
  13. SeeK's Avatar
    Any way of adding trackers to the torrents? Or will this be added at a later date?

    So far so good, though! I had one FC when I did Open with > dTor after downloading a torrent, but other than that it's fine.
    07-16-2010 03:28 AM
  14. BluePLanetMan's Avatar
    Yes, we had a bunch of built in search providers, and a custom search entry system, but pulled it as the entry system was not working properly. As a developer, when we test the code, we are not seeing the errors our Evo, Incredible and some others are seeing. It really seems to be platform, OS specific, and with all the fragmentation, customization, custom roms, and let us not forget any other software people might be running, it makes debugging the source of the problem harder. I suppose we could eventually get a phone on every platform and run every mod/rom lol. Oh well. We are working on the issues and thats why it is an RC2 release, I knew this would be harder than I thought.

    The next release will be tested even more before releasing and I might release only to a select few on Android Central to see what results they get before engaging the general public.


    Blue Planet Apps
    07-16-2010 07:05 AM
  15. bpdamas's Avatar
    I am using a stock 1.47 EVO and I am getting the force close issue. If you need testing, I am willing to help.
    07-16-2010 07:37 AM
  16. sniffs's Avatar
    Why are we having to PAY for this app? 1. This app promotes illegal activity, it's only a matter of time before Google finds out and removes it, and there goes everyones $5

    2. Tried 3 different devices, all force close, reopen, fc, reopen, fc. Uninstalled.. wont be buying this as who actually PAYS for a torrent app? Even on a regular computer, if you pay for a torrent app, you're a sucker.

    EDIT: One of my buddies paid for Limewire a few years back..guess what? they sent him an email telling him he was a sucker for paying for it and they pretty much said thanks for the $40 bucks, sucker.

    EDIT1: I'm not normally the one who knocks torrent apps, but having to pay for it and then there's a good chance it'll get removed from the marketplace is just, not smart, no offense to the dev, lol.

    Ever wonder what happened to iMusic and iVideo? yep.
    07-16-2010 10:09 AM
  17. Marrewijk's Avatar
    Same here,fc all the time.paused or stopped torrents are not able to restart. Samsung galaxy s. Happy to test new rc.

    Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk
    07-16-2010 10:40 AM
  18. BluePLanetMan's Avatar
    Ok, All. 3rd times a charm. Lets try this version. I am releasing this RC3 version, which is designed to fix the HTC issues. Hopefully, this will be stable and we can repair some other minor issues and move on to other updates.

    If all goes well with this release, I will post it on the App Market as a general update.


    Thank you for your patience.

    Blue Planet Apps
    Blue Planet Apps Website
    07-16-2010 01:11 PM
  19. Shay D. Life's Avatar
    About to d/l right now.
    07-16-2010 01:18 PM
  20. trell123's Avatar
    Evo same issue forceclose.
    07-16-2010 05:53 PM
  21. BluePLanetMan's Avatar
    Ok, the debug logs are looking better and we are closer to solving this problem. The source of the problem is the way Android handles communications and the nature of torrents. By default torrent apps try to download at max speed using max resources, in the mobile world we need to download at max speed with the LEAST amount of resources, with each platform being different it is a real challenge. I will be happy when we get this to a stable release and can move on to other things.

    Thanks again to all those people who have downloaded and have been patient enough to realize that this is a work in progress and we are updating it regularly. Of course, even with that we get one star reviews for the FC feature on the market Really gets the spirits up lol. Its cool. I will make this the best file sharing app, it is just a matter of time... One thing is certain, I and my team will never abandon our users.

    Blue Planet Apps
    07-16-2010 07:08 PM
  22. slthree's Avatar
    speaking from personal experience. . . I forwarded any issues I had to the developers. I was extremely surprised and impressed at how quick I received a response, (within minutes of sending original e-mail) and at the support and willingness to help that the developers displayed while collecting info, and giving assistance. Some people just aren't happy unless they are complaining. . . LOL slthree has more issues than the developers of this app can assist with lol. . .
    Your ignorance is comical. How'd that feel to flex your conveniently "anonymous" internet muscle? LOL

    I was impressed EARLY on with these guys and told them so. They did reply to EARLY emails and I did everything they asked me to do.

    However, they quickly STOPPED replying when they realized they could not get this app to work for me.

    I have beta tested before for many developers and have never had a problem if an app didnt work, as long as the developer would keep trying, keep the communication open.

    These guys just QUIT. They stopped altogether.

    Your ignorance and false bravado is slightly amusing so feel free to respond and look like a jack*** again
    07-16-2010 08:26 PM
  23. Mudvayne622's Avatar
    so i just tryed the newest verion on my droid X. I searched for a torrent. selected the file. held menu and opened the torrent i downloaded and the app FC"d. Tried again...same result. So i loaded a torrent file from demonoid onto my phone and tried opening that. Same result. So i used Dolphin HD to go to Demonoid and download it that way. Same failed result. Whats the deal? I understand it is a beta , but i would atleast like to see it work for a few seconds like other ppl.
    07-17-2010 05:23 PM
  24. wmtoandroid's Avatar
    Excuse my ignorance, but what kind of torrents would be downloaded for use on a phone?
    07-17-2010 07:19 PM
  25. BluePLanetMan's Avatar
    You could download Music, Movies, Pictures, really anything that will run on the phone. Even apps I imagine.
    07-19-2010 07:01 AM
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