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    Hi everyone!

    I would like to announce uCinema, an application developed by Lowlevel Media for Android devices (2.1 or higher) to watch movies and TV shows directly from your phone or tablet! It also supports download to the phone's external storage to watch them later
    It actually supports videos in 4 different resolutions: 240p (SD), 360p (SD), 480p (DVD) and 720p (HD).

    Just search for what you are looking for and watch it! That simple.


    Google Play Store

    APK File

    Scanning the following QR code:

    I hope you like it! Greetings.
    11-15-2012 01:29 PM
  2. Harashen's Avatar
    A new version has been released! We fixed some bugs and improved the application a little
    11-23-2012 01:58 PM
  3. Harashen's Avatar
    We just released a new version! It includes support for Android download manager (better downloads), and some bugfixes/improvements.

    Also, we released a web version: uCinema
    12-19-2012 01:19 PM
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  5. harun rashid's Avatar
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