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    Invisible Pen Memo Note Taking is a fun and useful app. It allows you to take notes discretely with invisible pen. It gives you privacy while taking notes. No one will see what you type, draw or scribble. Only you can view your notes once you save your Memo and notes.

    This app allows you to:
    - Select type mode or scribble mode for your notes by tapping the text (ABC) or scribble button. Notes will be invisible as you type or scribble (this is intentional by design - provides privacy during note taking). You can save your notes in a preset saved Memo pen color. Black pen color is default setting.
    - Select lined Memo or Plain Memo for your notes.
    - Quick view your notes as you type or scribble. Text and scribble notes will flash for one second.
    - View and search all saved Memos. Tapping the saved Memo will give full size notes view. Long-tapping Memo will allow you to delete Memo and notes. Saved Memos are sorted by date saved (latest first).
    - Share saved Memos via available sharing apps that support sharing images, such as email.
    - Delete all saved memos at once via settings menu but be warned that this action cannot be undone.

    You can see app in action at:

    You can download the app at:

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    11-16-2012 05:34 PM

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