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    EDITED: Now free version of application is available !!! Less characters, but still very funny and easy to use !
    Play Market : LINK

    MakeMeSmile Camera [FREE][APP] MakeMeSmile Camera application-makemesmileicon75.png

    Hello everybody ! I would like to introduce you new Android Application !
    Any feedback is appreciated ! I have also added description of the app and some screenshots. Hope you will like them and the application itself.

    Play Market FULL VERSION : Link
    Play Market FREE VERSION : Link

    Simple, easy and fun application for you and your friends !
    Make funny photos and share them through Facebook and VKontakte !
    Just take the picture!
    Application will automatically find and transform all faces into funny characters ! You will see more than 100 funny characters !
    This program will not leave to miss you or your friends !
    No matter where you are: at work, at school, at the university, public transport or if you are just bored - MakeMeSmile Cam will make you smile !


    [FREE][APP] MakeMeSmile Camera application-result_view_album_scr1_w400.png
    [FREE][APP] MakeMeSmile Camera application-result_view_album_scr2_w400.png
    [FREE][APP] MakeMeSmile Camera application-result_view_album_scr3_w400.png
    [FREE][APP] MakeMeSmile Camera application-result_view_vertical_scr1_h400.png[FREE][APP] MakeMeSmile Camera application-result_view_vertical_scr2_h400.png[FREE][APP] MakeMeSmile Camera application-result_view_vertical_scr3_h400.png

    Faces are detected automatically.
    Frontal faces with a slope of no more than 40 degrees are detected. Support for uploading images to social networks Twitter, Google+ will be added soon

    Press and hold button with "MakeMeSmile" icon to shoot. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to zoom-in or zoom-out. On the pictures taken face will be detected automatically.
    Use the "Share" button to upload the image to social networks Facebook and VKontakte.
    11-17-2012 05:21 AM
  2. MakeMeSmileCamera's Avatar
    Hey everybody ! Free version added ! Check first post !
    11-23-2012 03:30 PM

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