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    Hi everyone,

    Dropbox client for android can't upload whole folders.
    But I have found the solution of this problem - Folders copy.

    This small application can upload any folder from your phone to your Dropbox cloud.

    [APP][FREE]Folders copy for Dropbox-screenshot_2012-11-18-15-59-21.png [APP][FREE]Folders copy for Dropbox-screenshot_2012-11-18-15-59-43.png [APP][FREE]Folders copy for Dropbox-screenshot_2012-11-18-15-59-56.png [APP][FREE]Folders copy for Dropbox-screenshot_2012-11-18-16-00-50.png


    Play store

    [APP][FREE]Folders copy for Dropbox-qr-code.gif

    I hope you find it useful!
    11-18-2012 06:24 AM

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