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    i have my sugar sync to sync music files i convert to youtube files on my internal. I have no idea on how to move it or any files onto external (i'd like to do that since my external memory is much larger than my internal)

    i just put doubletwist on external after having it on my internal (the new version allows you to do this)

    my question is...are the internal files still on my internal card? What is the default directory to remove them as they are just duplicates taking up space? Or does doubletwist move and delete them for you automatically---which I doubt??

    Also if I have my playlists from my computer sync to doubletwist on my external memory card, but have sugarsync sync my youtubemusic files to the internal one...how do I get doubletwist to see both...all my music files?
    11-18-2012 04:22 PM

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