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    To be next Avatar ,You can!

    Have you ever been immersed in the amazing creature contact in the movie "Avatar".Dancing with a tree and talking to a flower is a dream that come true today.There is an application on Android released by International Commercial Software Co.,LTD.It calls Barcode By ICSOFT,a scanner to identify everything's ID through QR and barcode.It works via your phone's camera,just like Avatar's tail,connect to other tail,and share its information.

    You can almost do everything with it by simply scanning a barcode, such as call or text a friend, get connected to the WIFI, get your express mail or tickets information, find a place on your Google map ,grasp the detailed information of products in online stores and identify different business cards and add them to your address book etc.

    It shows you all-dimensional enjoyment in Na'vi (Avatars clan on Pandora)on our own planet.Let's keep up with "in",just scan a barcode to know a book's price on online store in a library,to recognise a QR on ticket to gain knowledge about a history site in the entrance.

    To be next Avatar,guys action now! As our space is filled with more and more Hi-tech stuff,our daily lives is more faster and convenient.Maybe the life in Avatar will coming soon.Are you ready?

    Google Play link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...QuYmFyY29kZSJd
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    11-19-2012 12:46 AM

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