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    Now in Google Play! AD-FREE

    inViu NFC-tracker reads all NFC tags with your NFC enabled Android device and displays its world wide unique tag number as well as all of the information stored on them. Can be used to track mobile workers without using GPS in connection with inViu pro*.
    Basic features
    Reads and displays the unique tag id
    reads and displays various meta info on the tag
    reads RF technology and tag type
    reads and displays raw data: hex, ASCII, UTF-8
    Features in conjunction with inViu pro*
    employees are assigned a personal PIN - an NFC enabled Android device can be used by different employees
    fast and easy readout of the data stored on the NFC tag - the tag can store text, URLs, contact information, instructions, etc.
    an NFC tags can be permanently assigned to a defined geographical location (geofence) in inViu pro - this is possible even without GPS reception (e.g. in buildings with multiple floors)
    optional: displays and transmits actual address (GPS) while reading the tag
    saves the data collected in the app when there is no mobile phone connection until an internet connection is available - will not lose the data
    This ad-free app does not read or transmit any data from the phone if configured accordingly.
    Available languages: English, German, French, and Spanish.
    For more information: https://www.enaikoon.com/en/mobile/plugins/nfc-tracker
    *inViu pro web portal service is available for a monthly fee, contact ENAiKOON for more information regarding this additional feature
    11-19-2012 04:28 PM

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