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    I would like to introduce my new adroid application Walking Text.
    First of all i hope you like it.
    App description:

    Walking Text is sending SMS messages with camera preview.This application is specially designed for maximum camera interface on background.Unlike other applications you can easily do everything from one screen with totally transparent keyboard.That way it supplies more efficiency while walking and texting.
    Battery consumption is a huge trouble for these kind of applications but our user tests show us Walking Text does not waste your battery, so you can use this application without any doubt.

    Special thanks to photoshop-tr.com

    *QWERTY full transparent keyboard,
    *Flash Led turn on/off from keyboard,
    *With Capture key from keyboard you can take picture any time you want while texting,
    *Semi transparent QWERTY keyboard which you can use instead of
    full transparent,
    *Reaching all contacts within the application while camera preview is resuming,
    *Notification service for incoming SMS and Delivery Report support with on/off options,
    *Changing Text size and color support.

    *Your messages
    to edit SMS or MMS, read SMS or MMS, receive SMS
    *Your personal information
    to read contact data
    for saving taked pictures to /sdcard/WalkingText folder
    *Hardware controls
    taking picture with camera
    *Services that cost you money
    for sending sms within application
    *System tools
    to start notification service on start up
    *Network communication, Phone calls
    these are for advertising

    *Application runs on background as SERVICE to receive incoming SMS messages and also starts automatically on start up.
    *Walking Text include an advertisements.if you like and use this application you can click those advertisement for improving to us because of creating new innovative applications.
    *If you have any problem please send feed back for solving your problem.
    *This app is fully legal in all States!

    I can not post a link this is the way how to download it
    from Play Store.Type "Walking Text" to search bar and download which is developed by "ANDPI"

    thank you for your support i will wait for feed back.

    Qr code for Play Store :
    11-20-2012 07:38 AM

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