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    I use DroidWall on my Sprint LG Optimus S and am trying to figure out what all the apps in the two app groups listed below do. Could anyone break it down for me app by app?

    1000: com.android.DunServer, Settings, Account and Sync Settings, Settings Storage, VPN Services, com.lge.hiddenmenu, Android System, com.lge.internal, Status Bar, Bluetooth Services, com.android.LGSetupWizardLowMem, com.lge.LgHiddenMenu

    10016: Network Location, Google Play services, Google Calendar Sync, Google Services Framework, Google Contacts Sync

    The reason I ask is, using DroidWall, I've blocked all programs from accessing 3G except Google Voice and the two app groups listed above, but I'm still getting notifications for my other apps that normally send automatic notifications over Wi-Fi, such as Words With Friends and KakaoTalk, so I figured one of the two app groups above must be culprit. I enabled them because I wasn't able to connect to Google services or receive notifications for Google Voice over 3G without them but was surprised to start seeing notifications from blocked apps so how exactly is this going on? The apps themselves are properly blocked off if I try to use them, and yet their notifications are still going through...

    I like having notifications for my Google Voice when on 3G but I'm worried how much data I may be leaking by allowing these two app groups 3G access. I only have 100mb of data a month so I have to use it wisely.
    11-21-2012 11:42 PM

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